This page allows to add various marks like registration marks, crop marks, color bars and text marks.

Registration Marks

Imposition Wizard allows to add “Bull-Eye” marks and “Star Target” marks. Star targets are shown at the corners, bull eyes may be shown at the corners or at the middle of sheets edges. This can be configures using the corresponding sections.

Crop Marks

Crop Marks show where the sheet should be trimmed. You may define the length and width of lines and a distance from the pages' edges.

Imposition Wizard shows crop marks only if there is enough space for them. Use horizontal and vertical spacing in layout’s settings and padding in sheet’s settings to create some space for them.

Color Bars

You may add up to three color bars for each page at the sheet. Type, position and orientation of each color bar can be changed in the corresponding section. There are 7 predefined color bars, but you can drop a PDF file with your own color bar.

Text Information

Imposition Wizard allows to add page information and custom text to the sheet. Page information includes name of source document, date and time, number of current sheet and numbers of imposed pages.