This page allows to set size and other parameters of the target sheet. You may define how much space to leave at the each edge of the sheet, set the size of pages on the sheet and much more.

Size of the sheet

Popup button Page Size has many standard sizes to choose from, but you may enter a custom size using the fields below. If you need to use landscape mode - use the Orientation button. Rotation button allows to rotate the sheet left, right or upside-down. Imposition Wizard applies the new settings immediately.

Size of page on sheet

Yes, this allows to define size of page on the sheet. Exactly as it named. You may enter the size you need or use percent field to enter relative values. Imposition Wizard uses these numbers while placing pages on the sheet.


Using these four fields you may define how much space to leave at each edge of the sheet. This is useful to move pages away from the edges because of printer requirements or to leave some place for crop marks.

Other options

Imposition Wizard allows to control empty space on the sheet. Using the Content Adjustment control, you may remove empty spaces and leave only pages and marks. You may center pages on the sheet or put them to the top-left corner of the sheet.

You may enable frames around pages and padding frame. They will be visible only while editing and help you to layout pages faster.