This page allows to reorder pages in the source document. Several types of reordering supported and described below.

  • Do not reorder pages - pages will be not reordered and will go as in the source document. This is used by default.
  • Reverse pages - pages will go in the reverse order. The last page became first etc.
  • Shuffle pages - pages will be reordered using special rules described below. This is useful for complex layouts.

Rules of reordering

Pages of the source document will be splitted to groups of size defined by Number of pages in each group field. Imposition Wizard will add empty pages to the last group if needed. After that each group will be reordered using the rules line from the field below.

Rules are simple: it is a line of numbers, seprated with space. Each number is number of page from the first group. So if you set group size to “4” and entered “1 2 3 4” to the rules field - you will get your pages in the same order as they go in the source document. By entering “4 3 2 1” to the rules line you will get them in the reverse order. You may create simple booklet layout using N-Up imposition scheme and rules line “4 1 2 3”.

It is not neccessary to put exactly the same number of pages to the rules field. You may use just “1 2 3” or even “1”. In that case Imposition Wizard will skip pages that are missed in the rules section. For example if you have 8-pages source document and shuffle 4-pages groups with rules line “1 2” you will get pages 1, 2, 5 and 6 as the output.

You may duplicate numbers in the rules section. For example to double each page in the source document, you may use 1-page groups and rules line “1 1”. To triple each page of the source document, use rules line “1 1 1”.

You may put “X” letter instead of page number to add empty page. You may add as much empty pages as you need. Imposition Wizard will replace each incorrect number with empty page too.

You may rotate a page upside-down by adding “*” after the page number. For example rules line “1 2* 3 4*” will rotate every second page.