This page allows you to define source document, a PDF file that will be imposed. You may type it’s name in the Source File field or drag it directly to the page. Imposition Wizard will load the file and impose it according to the currect settings.

Two fields below the source file name show number of pages and page size of the source document.

Crop Source Pages

These four fields define how much to crop from each side of the source document. This is useful to remove some space or unwanted marks from the source document. Also may be used with bleeds to decrease spacing between imposed pages.

Flip left and right crops… allows to flip left and right crop values for even and odd pages, this can be useful for cut stacks and booklets.


Bleeds used to put some part of source page out from the imposition area. This is useful for printing to a trimmed edge. Just define how much of the source page should run outside the imposition frame.

Flip left and right bleeds… checkbox is useful for cut stack layout where you need to leave more space from the left on right pages and more space from the right on left pages. You may use negative bleeds to add more space.

Imposition Wizard shows final size of the page after all crops below the Bleeds group.