The main and only thing that Imposition Wizard does is imposing. It takes your document, asks how to place its pages on a larger sheet and do what you asked. When you like what you see, you may save result to another PDF file. That’s all.

When you start the application, you will see an empty project window and an Inspector window. Inspector window is the place where you will set up everything, related to your project. Drop a sample document to the document window and try to change parameters in Inspector. See the changes in realtime and create the imposition scheme you need. Then save project for the future usage and after that save the resulting PDF. Imposition has never been so easy!

Why Imposition Wizard?

There are several reasons to choose Imposition Wizard:

  • Imposition Wizard is a standalone application. It doesn’t require Adobe Acrobat or InDesign to work. It uses power of Mac OS X that handles a lot of PDF-related work and keeps you from purchasing expensive applications.
  • Imposition Wizard is a WYSIWYG application. It applies all changes in realtime and you see the resulting document at every step of making project. This really helps to complete the job faster.
  • Imposition Wizard stores your settings as projects. You may create projects for business cards, booklets, books and many other cases and then use them when you need. Project is a file, so it is easy to backup it or send it to a friend.