Uninstall Imposition Wizard for Acrobat

As Imposition Wizard is Acrobat plugin, please make sure you quit both Imposition Wizard and Adobe Acrobat before uninstalling it.

Windows Instructions

  1. Close Imposition Wizard and quit Adobe Acrobat;
  2. Go to the Start menu > Control Panel;
  3. Click Programs and Features (or Add or Remove Programs on Windows XP);
  4. Double-click Imposition Wizard;
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall Imposition Wizard.

Mac OS X Instructions

  1. You need the Imposition Wizard installer application to uninstall Imposition Wizard. Use the DMG file you dowloaded or get the latest one from our downloads page;
  2. Mount the DMG file and run Installer application;
  3. Use the Uninstall buttons in the list to uninstall Imposition Wizard from all the Adobe Acrobat copies you have;
  4. Quite the Installer application and unmount the DMG file.

Something Goes Wrong?

If you have any difficulties with uninstalling Imposition Wizard, please feel free to contact us so we could help.