Registration Marks

This tab allows you to configure star targets, bull eyes, color bars and texts for your layout. There are several sections there, each controlling an element to be added.

Star Targets

You can setup star targets locations using checkboxes, pick an image using the Image selector and define offset and scale using the Distance and Scale controls.

Bull Eyes

Exactly as with star targets, you can choose where to show bull eyes, which image to use and how to offset and scale them using the controls in the “Bull eyes” section.

Crop Marks

You control margin, length and width of crop marks and can turn them off if you like. You can also select the color to draw crop marks there.

Page Information

You can put an automatically generated text containing page numbers to the sheet, using the “Page Information” section. You define where and how to put it and how to offset it.


Exactly as with page information, you can add some custom text if you like. The settings are the same, but you provide the text.

Color Bars

Imposition Wizard supports up to three color bars per sheet. You decide where and how to display it, Imposition Wizard supports both horizontal and vertical placement, can align or tile color bars, you can load your own image and define the size and offset on the sheet.