Sheet Parameters

This tab allows you to setup the target sheet and how to place the content there. The top part contains the sheet size fields and the content placement selector.

There are three types of content placement available:

  • Manual - the content is placed at the top left corner of the sheet and you can manually offset it using the “Offset” fields;
  • Centered - the content is placed in the middle of the sheet, but you still can offset it, if you like;
  • Minimal - the sheet is cropped to fit just the content, you can leave some space around, though.

Below you can find more options to control the output parameters:

  • Enable duplex printing - allows you to choose between single and double-sided printing. In the double-sided mode Imposition Wizard flips offsets, so if the content is at the top-left corner on the front page, it will be at the top-right corner on the back, so they match when printed;
  • Flip backside - the option speaks for itself, all the backsides will be flipped upside-down in the duplex mode;
  • Backside offset - these two fields allows you to compensate the printer backside misalignment. If the back side doesn’t perfectly match the front side, these two fields are here to help;
  • Sheets order - allows you to reverse output sheets order, or put fronts before backs and so on.

The Page size section at the bottom helps to resize the pages, if necessary. Imposition Wizard automatically updates the other fields if you change one.