Imposition Wizard Settings

Imposition Wizard is designed to be as simple as possible, but it still have some settings. You can configure the application using the gear icon at the bottom of the window:

Here’s what you can configure:

  • Show page numbers - allows you to show or hide page numbers in preview. They don’t go to the imposed file and just displayed in a preview;
  • Generate backside - enabled automatic generation of the backside sheet, even if it is empty;
  • Preview rendering - allows you to choose the preview type. “Source pages” means standard preview, “Rasterized pages” tells Imposition Wizard to rasterize source pages for preview and render them as raster images. This speeds up preview for heavy documents, but slighly reduce the quality. In “Wireframe” mode the pages are not displayed at all, just the grid is displayed. This affects only preview, not the imposed files that are always generated using the original vector data of the source files.

The following two options configure updates and statistics:

  • Check for updates at startup - tells Imposition Wizard to check for updates when it is started. This is a highly recommended option and it is enabled by default, so you get notified when the new version is released;
  • Usage statistics sharing - allows to enable or disable sharing imposition statistics with the developers. This helps us to make the application better by focusing on its most used areas. By default Imposition Wizard is not sending stats and will eventually ask you to do so.

The rest of the menu allows you to configure the measurement units used by the application.